The University of Cadiz and the Technological Center July 6th, 2009

The Social Council of the University of Cadiz (UCA) has approved his incorporation as employer to the Foundation Technological Center of the Skin of Andalusia (Movex). With the same one, a new step will materialize in the already existing cooperation between both institutions, captured in a signed collaboration agreement last April, with the target to encourage the interrelation in the field of the formation, investigation, the knowledge transference, and the promotion of the Culture.

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Leather purses direct Factory June 12th, 2009



Soon the best prices in leather purses May 20th, 2009

In these moments we are developing a new line of purses, based on the reduction of the costs of raw material and production. Shortly we will exhibit here the new collection "lowcost" in leather purses “Made in Spain”, directly factory.



Futurmoda April 25th, 2009

The International Lounge of the Skin and the Components for the Footwear and the Leather goods (Futurmoda) will open his doors next 28th under the effects of the current economic crisis, “but without losing the illusion that in every edition we have for confronting a fair”, was pointing out yesterday the president of the Spanish Association of Companies of Components for the Footwear (AEC), Manuel Román.

The from Elche businessman admitted that in the current situation “the commercial expectations are uncertain, but he insisted that that must not make us lose the illusion. We still have production capacity and have clients, although we cannot conceal that we are surviving”, he made sure.
Román was doing these declarations in the Town hall of Elche and coinciding with the signature of the agreement of collaboration across which from the municipal arks a help for 30.000 euros is contributed for the diverse activities of promotion of AEC, between which the proper fair is. The mayor, Alejandro Soler, he emphasized the importance of a sector “that groups more than 4.000 workers and more than 400 companies in Elche. With this agreement we support a support to a few companies that realize a big effort”, he said.
Manuel Román for his part, remembered that “Futurmoda is reinvented every year” and offers new attractions. On the other hand, the general manager of AEC, Álvaro Sánchez, was commenting on the characteristics and innovations of this next fair edition, doing a special mention to the renewed tendencies lounge, as well as to the presence in the shop window of IFA of the international fashionable agency WGSN, which will offer explanations on aspects related to fashion and consumption.

The Saw of Cadiz April 7th, 2009

nature reserve

To the Grazalema saw he feels him more than well the spring. When the temperature is smoothed and it still does not attack the heat, to visit this nature reserve that is between the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz, to few kilometers of the city of Round and in which white peoples are located like The Forest, Ubrique, Benaocaz, Spanish Parliament of the Border or the proper locality of Grazalema turns into a perfect trip for those who look for a small peace isolated area.

Without clocks in the doll, without alarm clock, without the sounds of the city. The place surprises for the conference of the mountains, the wide scenery and inabarcable from ports and slashes, the fresh wind in the face, the footpaths to get lost in full nature on foot, on horseback or in bicycle. The saw offers a ten trips and multiple outdoor activities that can be completed by the visit to some flirtatious and well elegant localities.

Grazalema well can serve of beginning the route. This people of little more than 2.200 inhabitants can presume of streets clean and preserved thoroughly and a tracing that fights the bets of the time supporting at all times his extract. The narrow streets are formed by whitewashed houses, with grills in the windows and his typical flowerpots, beautiful tightness that are opened for squares and churches that well the visit and the enjoyment deserve. Placed to more than 800 meters of altitude, it is one of the most rainy municipalities of the country and the verdure prevails in his most nearby scenery.

The highway penetrates into the saw to continue up to The Forest. After a trip for his streets up to coming to the square of the Town hall it is possible to continue up to Ubrique. This people, famous person for his leather factories, keeps a historical tracing full of complete white alleys of tiles. The highway back passes to Grazalema for Villaluenga of the Rosary, Benaocaz and other small localities from which also they divide routes to do on foot. The hotel Strong Grazalema can be a good option for the accommodation.

Development and Production April 7th, 2009, S.L. factory of purses, complements and leather goods in skin from 1970. Manufacture 100 % Spaniard carried out by expert craftsmen of the skin of Ubrique (Cadiz).
We take more than 35 years materializing diséños for variety of national and international marks. Years of experience transmitted across the craftsmen's hands, transforming knowledge, experience and dedication into each of the pieces.
Our production offer includes the whole development and starting of the project. Designs, bosses, samples and production. We adapt ourselves to the size of the project. If he wants to receive extended information, do not hesitate to contact with us.
Spanish manufacture of high quality realized by expert craftsmen of the skin from 1970

Spanish manufacture of high quality realized by expert craftsmen of the skin from 1970